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Workforce Development

Our mission is to help people to become better at what they do.  That is why we have created a place where people can get the training and knowledge to become logistics professional in a fragmented industry.  Our partnership with local, state, and federal workforce agencies has crafted our vision for the future.  We are the new tomorrow!

Transportation Grants

We specialize in dispatcher and freight broker training, a core field that needs qualified workers.  Because this is an approved position that is recognized by most workforce initiatives, we offer post-training placement options.

On-Staff Grant Writing

We offer grant writing options for minority based,  and women in trucking companies and organizations. We have grant writers that can help companies in the lower 48 states receive funding reimbursements.

WIOA Collaboration

Participation in WIOA is a priority for our training and development program. We work with  implementation of skilled and trained students who complete our course and are placed in the workforce.

Trade School Partnerships

We continue to seek alliances with local and regional training facilities to enroll, coach and mentor new and existing students, seeking to enter into a career for dispatching

Licensing Opportunities

Our national licensing programs allow for a deep reach in communities that may need help in developing career opportunities for qualified individuals. Licensees are critical to the growth of our national programs

Employee Retention Program

We partner with companies to help retain their current workforce. When companies are downsizing, closing doors, or relocating their company, we work to place employees that have been displaced.

What Our Clients Say


Lanelle Smith, SMK Express

Sending my dispatcher trainees through the training program was very effective as I did not have ability to train my employees due to my very busy schedule.  A+ for giving me options!

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