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Get Direct Shippers!

Probably the most asked question I get is: How do I find direct shippers?

I know the question.  I had been there myself when I started my brokerage.  That was back in 2006. This tool wasn't available to the extent it is today.  The one main difference today is there is an abundance of information and yet there is still a mysterious fog on how to find direct shippers  I have so many people (both carriers and brokers) ask me how to find direct shippers, that I set out to find the answer and here it is:   The #1 place to find 

Before you get all excited with what I am going to tell you, I need to clear the air.  The biggest reason for failure in securing shippers is  the lack of following through.  I can give you all the direct shippers, however, the relationship must be built and nurtured by you.  

I will show you how to get access to ALMOST any shipper out there without having to pick up a phone or knock on doors.  This resource is very effective and has helped many people.  It is the #1 place to get shippers information and to talk directly with them online!  

I will demonstrate to you how I am able to build my customer base using this very underrated method.  You will be shocked.

Now, there are people already using this source, but ALMOST everyone that I talk to that uses it, says they hardly use it or never saw its value until now.  There is only one person, a lady in my class in Georgia, that uses this means for getting shippers and she lives and breathes by it and has never used a load board in years

Now, there is a minimal maintenance cost to use this program (not charged by me) and I am only going to show you how to effectively use it.

This one hour session is ONLY $99.00 and is held weekly.  Check the schedule above as the sessions often fill up quickly and we will remove the date once the session is full!  1 hour and a small cost can really change the future of your business! We know it will!



#1 Freight Program

Unlimited Connections

As you build any business, you want to make sure you are never short of customers to service.  Load boards are spotty at times when it comes to finding freight.  This source is guaranteed to never dry up!  It's recession proof!

#1 Shipper Search

Direct Customer Base

Using this program gives you options for finding freight that you may not have thought of before.  While everyone else is fighting over cheap freight, long days of load searching, and reducing amounts of load options, you will have all the freight you want!

#1 Best Kept Secret

An Unheard Way to Get Freight

OK, so a lot of people have heard of this program.  Many people have a an account but never or rarely use it.  And most people give you this "No Way!" look when you tell them about it.  We love to tell people about it, because only a few people have ever use it!


Ferman Hough.jpg

Ferman Hough
Freight Integrations LLC

I was amazed how Phil opened doors using this program and now it is starting to work for me.  He helped me land a national food distributor account that gave me a load and we won their business!


Ervin Barnard
The Barnard Company LLC

Phil showed me how to use this direct shipper program to get in contact with customers.  I just landed a deal with a plastics company to move their freight. It takes work, but is very rewarding! 

Mike Sample.jpg

Mike Sample
John Galt Logistics LLC

I started using the platform after Phil told me about it.  Here's the deal, you have to use it every single day, but it works.  I am convinced that someday, I will be at the level Phil is at!

The Presenters

Philip Nenadov_edited.jpg

Philip Nenadov

Direct Shipper Presenter

I will show you how to connect with direct shippers applying a very powerful networking tool effectively.

Chris Toney.jpg

Chris Toney

Direct Shipper
Marketing Expert

I work with companies nationwide applying techniques to grow their shipper base using this platform 

Courtney Ware.jpg

Courteney Ware

Direct Shipper
Experience Coach

I mentor small carriers, brokers and dispatchers during the process of getting shippers through the platform

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