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Become a Transportation Service Provider

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Start Hauling for The Department of Defense 

After this is complete, we will perform a follow-up exit interview to ensure that you are prepared to start working. We will review your comfort level to determine if additional support or training is needed. At this point, we are done with our side of on-boarding you into the Department of Defense's Traffic Management Divisions unique freight movement system.

Our work is guaranteed!  We know that an approved carrier has an over 95% chance of survival and success in the 1st year of service.  The majority of carriers never leave.  You can join the ranks of being an exclusive carrier that will only continue to grow with the financial stability of the federal government, the largest shipper in the USA.

We do not take ownership or require commissions of freight to be paid to us for onboarding you in the DOD.  We only specialize in connecting carrier's and brokers within the system.  Because you are required to have a bond, we strongly recommend a meeting with our team prior to commitment IF you are being told by someone else to enter into a relationship with a Government Agency.

Due to the sensitive nature of our business, we require only serious inquiries only about the process of becoming a Transportation Service Provider (TSP).  We do not charge to take a pre-entry seminar to preserve the integrity of our business and process, however, we don't share in-depth processes until you become a client. If you doing move forward afterwards, the fee paid for the seminar is applied to the rest of the balance due.  We believe the investment will be very worth your time.  Here are the details of the ZOOM seminar:


Click on the button below to register.  Spots to attend the seminar are open, but enrollments are limited to 10 carriers per week.  If you are wanting to get started, please consider that it will take approximately 30 days from when you sign up.  We only accept new applications each time a carrier is completed with the enrollment.


Did you know that you can haul freight directly from the military?  If I told you that the military direct deposits the money into your account within 72 hours of receiving your clean BOL's, would that spark your interest?


It's true.  The military, America's largest single spender on freight has openings available for qualified carriers and brokers.  They base their requirements off the FMCSA, which means that if you pass their qualifications, then you are in the door.  


As with most government entities, you will need to learn how to use the system yourself and training is basic, which is costly in time and money.  That's where our firm enters the arena.


We will walk you through the process, help you with what's needed to be done, and train you so that you can start moving freight right away.  Our mission is to get you on your feet and take over the business at the right time.


We own no stock in your company, so this means that the customer is 100% yours.  We don't charge for our services in perpetuity, no we only charge what is fair and reasonable for what you will receive, which is a HUGE customer! 


Below is the information about this opportunity:












If you pass the above requirements, including getting the bond, you will be accepted.  This is a guaranteed spot based on the requirements from the Department of Defense (DOD)













Customer: Department of Defense

Locations: 600+ Nationwide

MC Age Requirement: 3 Years Uninterrupted Broker or Carrier Authority (No Exceptions)

Citizenship: US Citizens (No Residency or Green Cards Allowed) No Dual Citizenships

Criminal Background: Zero Felonies or large amounts of misdemeanors close to each other.

Performance Bond Required: Yes (Bond is for loads that are abandoned)

CSA Scores: Good/Satisfactory 

Types of Trucks Needed: Dry Vans, Flatbeds, Step Decks, Hot Shots, Box Trucks, & Power Only

We get the Certificate Access to the system

We review policy manuals with you

We cover the load board/bid board

We train you how to use the EDI system

We help you set up your banking access

We show how to find lanes/regions to work

We teach you how to enter tenders

We review the pricing structure with you

We enter GBLOCH codes into system

We show how to change a tender

We enter all tenders areas you run

We review the billing process with you

We do a final completion review

Phase #1

Lead time: 1-2 Weeks




Phase #2

Lead Time: 1-3 Weeks


Phase #3

Lead Time: 1-2 Weeks

Date: Wednesday, December 21, 1PM CST

          Thursday, December 22, 1PM CST

Seminar Cost: No Charge

We complete a full company assessment

We help you with the application process

We assist with the criminal check process

We file for the performance bond

We assist in getting the system credentials

We review and prepare you a safety plan*

* Additional cost for safety plan

What's Required?

The department of defense requires only the highest quality of carriers and brokers to work within their system.  Being a performance-based entity, it is imperative that only brokers and carriers that have been screened and are able to fulfill the qualifications of the military should apply.

Authority Age

Only carriers and brokers that a MC with 3 years of uninterrupted serve may apply to become direct providers for the military.  This does not mean your company's age of business, but you MC only.  No exceptions to this rule as they are very strict about the carriers and brokers they approve.

US Citizen

Only US Citizens are accepted into the enrollment program.  Permanent workers or green card holders may not apply.  Dual citizens may have a difficult time getting approved as there may be a conflict getting approved. Background checks may require additional verification documentation


A full criminal background check will be performed by a 3rd party company that is approved to perform the search.  No felonies are accepted, period.  If you have multiple misdemeanors, you may get rejected as well. 

No Warrants

There is an expectation that your background is free of criminal convictions, however, because federal law enforcement will be doing a background check, any open warrants will show up.  Unpaid tickets, child support or any other warrant will be seen on the report.

Register Below  

Military Freight Registration


Thanks for registering to our event. See you there!

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