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So you took the class.  Now what?  Most people who come through our sessions don't feel comfortable starting on their own.  Maybe it's confidence.  Maybe it's financial.  But whatever the reason, we  are here to help. 

We have partnered with quality and productive freight brokers and dispatch companies who are willing to receive you are a freight broker agent or a truck dispatcher right out of class.  Let's look at what it takes to be placed.

Here's the guarantee:  If you come through our course and pass our evaluation test (don't worry, it's not too hard, I promise), we will place you with a company who will hire you and allow you the opportunity to get your career started.  100% Placement Opportunity!

What's in the Guarantee

We all know that a guarantee is worthless without telling you what is expected from our brokerages and dispatch services.  We will continually strive to ensure that we match your talent with the right company. Read on.


All students who want to be referred to our broker and dispatch service partners must have a  clear understanding what the job entails and should be interactive in class.  The only way we can know that you are engaged and learning is if you ask questions and participate in discussions  


Because this is a full time position, all qualified students must be willing and able to work full time because that is the only way to be successful in brokering or dispatching.  Working part time is ineffective and will not work.  If you were told you can do this part-time,  you were told wrong.


Broker Agent and Truck Dispatcher position as strictly commission based.  All work that you do is rated on perfomance and paid accordingly.  This is how most companies  do it and if you are looking for a paid position, we cannot guarantee it, however, you are free to ask the employer.


There is an expectation that your background is free of criminal convictions, but that is not always communicated.  We cannot guarantee you a position if you have had a felony.  We do not discriminate based your background, if you let us know ahead.  No tell us, No job guarantee.

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