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6 Hours

About the Course

Our ONLINE course focuses on the whole aspect of brokering:

Freight Brokering is one of the most lucrative careers in the USA. Because of the need for freight to constantly move each day, shippers and manufacturers turn to freight brokers to perform what do best at: Arranging a truck to pick up a load.

Unlike even a decade ago, there are so many more tools and resources for new brokers that exist today, making it easier for them to thrive in a growing industry. Make no mistake, there is room for brokers in today's market. We will show you how to start and grow your business. We provide you with a very concise and powerful info-packed training session that will jump-start you as a freight broker. If you are not ready to become a freight broker, we can help you become a freight broker agent after the class is complete.

Our 6 hours teaching freight brokering is just the beginning. After you are finished with the course, we still provide support and assistance in starting your business. We have resources that will help you obtain your license and start your brokerage. Our experienced leaders will walk you through the process and will help you become licensed based on the information that you provide us. For more information, please review our Freight Brokerage Launch Program.

With over 25,000 loads booked, we have experience that was developed through hard work and perseverance. We will show you how to be a very effective and profitable freight broker using our techniques. If you are not willing to do either (work hard or persevere) this business is not for you.

We have moved loads that fit on most trailers. From Flatbeds to Heavy Haul, to Dry Vans & Hot Shots and even Box Trucks and Car Haulers, we can show you how to move freight effectively without having to learn the hard way.

The course is 6 hours long and covers the following topics:

Operating a freight brokerage
Building a base of customers using LinkedIn
Learning the types of Equipment
Learn how to move military freight
The dispatch operations
The paperwork process
and more....

By taking this course, you will obtain a deeper understand about the industry and will give you insight on to obtain business, manage multiple trucks and put $100k+ per year in your pocket!

Below is the schedule for the upcoming classes:

September 27, 2022 ONLINE Class Schedule
1 Class - 3 Days (2 hours Each Day)
Tuesday, September 27, 2022, 3PM - 5PM CST (ONLINE)
Wednesday , September, 28, 2022, 3PM, - 5PM CST (ONLINE)
Thursday , September 29, 2022 3PM - 5PM CST (ONLINE)

Get Started today on the career change for the future!

Your Instructor

Philip Nenadov

Philip Nenadov has over 18 years of experience in the Logistics industry, He has worked for a billion dollar copper tube company in International Logistics, started a freight brokerage and grew it from $0 to $18,000,000 in less than 3 years, owned a fleet of 6 trucks, taught seminars to more that 10,000 people nationwide, is natural born networker and runs a network of over 5000 box truck carriers. He resides with his family in the Peoria IL area, is active in his church, family and other non-profit groups.

Philip Nenadov