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What's in the Course?


What makes our course different is not the content, but the outcome.   When you learn to  dispatch trucks, you are learning the basic fundamentals of the business.  Book freight, track loads, bill customers, but with us, you will have more than just the basics, we will also teach you how to find customers, avoid load boards, and get a base of business that is unique to your business.  

Our course lays out the following steps of the business:

The daily operations
The billing & back office work
Types of customers
Type of trucks to dispatch
Using LinkedIn as you source of freight
Growing during a recession
How to calculate costs 

We will also guide you on how to make additional money, who to avoid moving freight for, and learning from our experiences as seasoned professionals with over 20 years in the business.

BONUS:  We have over 8,000 freight professionals looking for trucks We will build your base of customers until you have 100 brokers and shippers in your network!  Guaranteed or I will refund your money!!!